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Trosgate Affiliate Systems

Make money by referring Trosgate Service to Others

Making money has never been easier! Refer your family, relatives, friends and colleagues to sign up to Trosgate Freelancer Marketplace and get paid for it directly into your balance!

You can also promote your services/proposals and if anyone buys them, you will receive a commission!

Ways To Use Our Referral System

There are two referral systems under our referral program.

a)     User Referral: This is a general system for (buyer and seller) setup by Admin where admin will reward anyone who will drive traffic to the website via their profile pages like twitter, linkedin, pinterest and other platforms. This system enables admin to issue a unique link to interested affiliates and reward the effort of every user who drive traffic to Trosgate website to actually purchase a Tros.

 b)     Proposal Referral: Trosgate believes in assisting sellers upgrade and enjoy benefits quickly. When a seller is creating a service post, he/she has ability to configure an affiliate related to that service and to sublet promotional advertising work to others on referral basis. If the seller toggles affiliate button to yes, then the seller can decide how much will be rewarded as a percentage of his/her total earning for that particular service. The seller can track the referral link and performance.

Affiliate Steps

Our referrals system is very simple. All you need to do is;

1) Go to the top right hand side corner where your profile picture is located and expand the menu.

2) You should be able to see a menu item titled My Referrals.

3) Expand the sub-menu item to reveal User Referrals and Proposal Referrals.

4) i: User referrals = you get paid if you get people to join Trosgate

   ii; Proposal Referrals = you get paid for getting people to buy yours and other services available on Trosgate.

5) If you open either User Referrals or Proposal Referrals, you will see  your Unique Referral Link

6) Now Simply Share that link and if anyone signs up through it or buy with it, you will get paid!

You can also see a table with the people who have signed up, the date, their username, your commission amount and commission status.

Ways you can promote your referral link

·        Messaging on Trosgate

·        Blog Posts

·        Email

·        Newsletters

·        YouTube Videos

·        Social Media

·        Blog Commenting

·        Forums

·        Whatever else comes to your imagination!

Hope this information helps!

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