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A warm welcome to Trosgate!

Trosgate is a Transparent online marketplace built with cutting edge technologies for Freelancers, Affiliates and Companies/Individual buyers. Our freelance platform is where you can buy, market, or sell all types of online services as well as digital products. The platform operates in three ways

What makes us Rock!

(1) Digital Services: Here, freelancers post services they can do best and companies or individuals will buy those services. Currently, we can boast of seventy two categories of services for buyers to buy from. some of them are mobile marketing, content marketing, logo design, website, plugin integration, online lessons and more. These are grouped under six headings: Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video Tutorial and Consultancy , Programming & Tech, Business, and Graphics & Design

 (2) Digital Products: What if you have a digital product to sell as well? While creating a proposal, seller can select option to sell digital products. Here, you can upload your digital product for purchase and instant download. These products include logo, flyers, pdf files, applications, software, books etc.

(3) Affiliate: Freelancers are still busy and for most of them, they are not experts at marketing. We have a robust affiliate system to save freelancers the stress. When freelancers decide to let others promote their services/products, you will recognize it at the bottom left of most proposals. There is a dollar symbol on a sack indicating an affiliate can promote. the exact price will be seen

(4) Temporal Withholding Agent: (a) What if the buyer pays money and seller vanishes into thin air? (b) What if seller delivers work and buyer runs with the work without paying? For security reasons and a solution to questions (a & b), Trosgate will always hold buyer's fund paid pending the delivery of work by seller and approval by buyer. When buyer confirms satisfaction then we can release funds to seller.

(5) Resolution center: If for any reason, there is a dispute between buyer and seller, a transaction can be paused until both parties agree. Trosgate Admin will step in where agreement could not be reached between buyer and seller. We use chat history, details submitted, agreement reached between buyer and seller, and other details to settle a dispute.

(6) Messaging System: We offer a one-on-one communication system where buyer can ask freelancer any questions relating to Tros or services he/she is selling before making a purchase decision  

(7) Favorable commission based on level System: Sellers are grouped into various levels based on certain variables like positive reviews, number of orders, sales level, cancellation rate and more. Commissions rates are paid according to levels with the top sellers paying lowest

(8) Live video Chat on Screen-share: For sellers in the tutorial and coaching category, we offer them the option to host live tutorial, online lessons and more on the platform. Most sellers charge $0.5 per minute and that makes it cheaper for a startup to learn mastering

Keeping abreast with the latest changes, we do not only use cutting edge technologies to give maximum protection, we also accept reputable payment providers only. We accept and pay from cryptocurrency powered by coinpayment, Local bank transfer and Paypal as part of our payment options. Our core tenet that defines us is that "we are not afraid to beautifully get our hands dirty with complex stuff". The ultimate aim of Trosgate is to provide avenue for freelancers to provide quality work, affiliates to leverage marketing weaknesses of freelancers and allow buyers to hire freelancers they can trust jealously.

We are still very new in comparison to other freelance marketplaces, but we are already punching above our weight. Here are some benefits to becoming a freelancer or an affiliate;


1. Free chance to create unlimited proposals and get paid on time

2. During proposal creation, seller can choose "instant download" option to upload and sell digital products like software, books, articles etc. Buyers will purchase and instantly download.

3. 100% non deductible optional tip from satisfactory buyers

4. CRM which gives you ability to manage Customer (your buyers and your sellers you might have bought from)

5. Access to promotional Tools and share feature

6. Ability to issue affiliate link for each Tros or proposal created

7. Ability to issue discount or coupon code without the need for admin

8. Each seller proposal and account are secured by a copyright

9. Level System that will gradually reward your effort

10. You pay the lowest variable commission based on your level

11. Packaging system for pricing proposals here. This gives you the chance to showcase proposal in different prices

12. Job Extras is available to all levels of freelancers

13. Sellers with coaching/Tutorial services can join their buyers on video charts and screen-share and charge per minute of video chat

14. A seller also has access to buyer dashboard under the caption "Buying", where he/she can buy from the market


1. Monitor and Track your links in real time.

2. Accountability is assured. Have access to time of purchase with your link, package price used, proposal bought, buyer detail, seller detail, tracking ID, your commission status from pending to approval and many more.

3. Your earning will reflect automatically when a purchase is made with your link. However, you can withdraw only after approval from admin.

4. Each affiliate link is unique and you are unlimited in your marketing campaign so earn as much as you want to earn. 

5. You can promote multiple proposals for different sellers at a time.

6. Timely payment is made

We would like to welcome you personally to join Trosgate Freelance Marketplace!

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Kind regards

The Trosgate Team

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