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Affiliate Terms


1. Monitor and Track your links in real time.

2. Accountability is assured. Have access to time of purchase with your link, package price used, proposal bought, buyer detail, seller detail, tracking ID, your commission status from pending to approval and many more.

3. Your earning will reflect automatically when a purchase is made with your link. However, you can withdraw only after approval from admin.

4. Each affiliate link is unique and you are unlimited in your marketing campaign so earn as much as you want to earn. 

5. You can promote multiple proposals for different sellers at a time.

6. Timely payment is made

There is one referral system under our referral program for anyone to get paid called Proposal referral.

Proposal Referral: Trosgate does not want to overwhelm a seller with too many task. For freelancers who may not have the time to blend service and marketing at the same time, Trosgate allows them to hire others called affiliates.

When a seller is creating a service post, he/she has ability to configure a referral link related to that service and to sublet promotional advertising work to others on referral basis. If the seller selects “yes” to referral, then the seller can decide how much will be rewarded as a percentage of his/her total earning for that particular service.

Ø An affiliate must subscribe for free in order to see all features.

Ø A seller cannot promote his own service as an affiliate. Where a seller promotes his own service, it only constitutes his marketing strategy and not an affiliate.

Ø  An affiliate is entitled, right of access to his dashboard to view the performance of his link 

Ø The seller and the affiliate can track the referral link and performance within their individual dashboard.

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