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Buying Terms

Welcome to the buyers hub. These are few things to guide your shopping and security.

Buyer Fee Structure

Service administrative charges are added at the time of purchase where a Buyer can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover administrative fees. As of January 2020, the fees assessed to the total purchase amount are fixed on purchases except the balance as seen below

to find out more about seller pricing policies, please check pricing here pricing here


Account Balance



Internal Fund






Refund Policy

If for some reasons a dispute was raised for a transaction between buyer and seller, and it was resolved in favor of buyer, his/her fund will be reversed into the personal balance. In this case, the buyer fee is non-refundable and the actual fund can be used to buy from a different seller he/she deem fit. However, since we already charged a fee for that money, no further fee shall be charged for buying from your balance account  

Buyer Operational Guide

Ø You may not offer direct payments to Sellers using payment systems outside of the Trosgate checkout.

Ø  Trosgate retains the right to use all publicly published delivered works for Trosgate marketing and promotional purposes.

Ø  Buyers may, out of satisfaction give optional tip to sellers.

Ø  Buyers may request a specific service from the Post a Request feature.

Ø  Buyers pay Trosgate to create an order from a Seller’s Tros page or Custom Offer, subject to decline or acceptance by buyer. Trosgate partners with Payment Services Providers for purposes of collecting Tros-related payments from Buyers, transferring such payments from Buyers to Sellers, and holding funds in connection with Trosgate Balances.

Ø  In any case, Tros may be purchased on Trosgate using the following payment gateways: PayPal, Coin payment and existing Balance. Additional payment methods may apply in certain locations. Also, future possibilities include  Credit Card/ debit card payments

Ø  Trosgate can accept payment from any currency in the world. However, payment will be US dollar equivalent in real time prevailing exchange rate. Unless stated otherwise, you will be charged in the currency displayed on the Order page. Also, the actual charged amount (in the actual payment currency) will be clearly disclosed to you before you complete the Order.

See details of the terms here  terms and conditions

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