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Ques 1. What is Trosgate platform all about?

Trosgate platform is a global marketplace that connects freelancers (sellers) with buyers (clients) for digital services and products. Currently, we boast of over seventy-two (72) freelance services and products to buy from.

Ques 2. Is Trosgate platform Safe?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that, we use Escrow System for transaction processing. An escrow account enables Trosgate to act as a Temporal Collection Agent (TCA). This means that whenever a fund is paid by buyer, the fund is held in trust by Trosgate whilst buyer, seller and affiliate (optional) complete a transaction. We also allow payment processing from trusted third party such as PayPal, Coinpayment and Banks for purchase and withdrawal

Ques 3. How much does it cost to join Trosgate?

Joining Trogate is completely free for buyer, seller and affiliates. Be a Trosgate hero today

Ques 4. What is the difference between “buying” and “selling” in dashboard?

Trosgate allows a user to operate as a buyer and a seller. Buying button provides dashboard features for buyers while selling button provides dashboard features for sellers

Ques 5. How can an affiliate monetize on the platform?

Due to high volume of work on the table, freelancers may activate and generate referral link on each proposal for marketers to promote on external platforms. Seller will also decide how much of his/her profit should be paid, and when a buyer clicks the referral link to buy, the affiliate (marketer) makes money decided by the seller prior to promotion.   

Ques 6. What are the services available on Trosgate?

We are proud of over seventy-two (72) freelance services which are grouped under six classifications: Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video Tutorial and Consultancy, Programming & Tech, Business, Graphics & Design.

Ques 7. How does the Instant download work?

While posting a seller proposal, we have a feature that will let seller decide whether to sell a service or digital product. With the digital product, seller can upload a product such as application, book, logo etc for the buyer to purchase and instantly download. One product is allowed per proposal.

Ques 8. How does the Video Screen-share feature works

This feature allows sellers in the Video Tutorial and Consultancy category to interact with their buyers on live video sessions powered by screen share. While on screen-share, both can illustrate, chat, showcase and do more. Video sessions can be converted into mp4 for download

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