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Pricing Policies

Summary of Pricing/Payment Policies

This is a summary of our pricing terms and you can get the detailed terms here:  terms-of-service

Note: All the Pricing features are available for consideration when you start the proposal creation process

1. Pricing Package

Trosgate does not only guarantee Tros/proposal extras to all levels. It also define the scope of services at varying rates; There are Two pricing modes on Trosgate platform when a seller wants to define scope of task as below;

Note: You need to start creating a proposal to se the pricing details

(A) Fixed Pricing System

This is a single price display set by seller. Examples are $5, $10 etc. It is applicable under the following conditions:


üVirtual Classroom Category: Any freelancer posting services under the category "Video tutorial and Consultancy" will be served with fix pricing modules. However, the pricing here is per-minutes-basis - meaning the freelancer can allow buyers to pay based on number of minutes for video sessions

ü Instant Download: While creating a Tros/proposal, you have the option to indicate whether you want to sell a digital product for buyers to buy and instantly download. if that option is selected, a fix pricing will appear for that product such as book, software, templates, themes, logo etc

üSeller's Choice: If a freelancer prefers a single pricing, he has the choice to switch to fix pricing and only one pricing field will appear

(B) Package Pricing System

This is a three tier pricing display set by seller. here, freelancers add information for each level of pricing. Example; a basic price is for simple tasks while advance price is for complex services. It is applicable under the following conditions:


üBasic Package: This is the lowest price a seller can decide to charge a buyer for any Tros. This is usually purged at $5 but can vary base on the nature of work.

üStandard Package: This package represents the fair/ middle price a seller would recommend to buyer for a satisfactory work

üAdvance Package: This package is the highest price a seller can charge for a complex service

NB: It is worth repeating that a seller can stick to a fix price option or varying package pricing

2. Seller Commission/Revenue

A freelancer is entitled to his/her commission weekly (counting from the time project is marked as complete). Details of the pricing structure can be found under Seller Terms

3. Buyer Purchase Options

A buyer pays  administrative fee irrespective of the volume of transaction. As a buyer, you can buy with; Details of the pricing structure can be found under Buyer Terms

ü Trosgate Balance : If you already have a credit balance as a seller, you can use to buy without paying any fee.

üPaypal : Anyone with a verified PayPal account can use easy steps to buy

ü Coin Payment: Multiple Coinpayment options for buying including bitcoin and popular altcoins. Our payment wizard will guide you in simple steps

4. Freelancer/Seller Withdrawal Options

A freelancer/seller withdrawal amount is based on the level. Details of the pricing structure can be found under Seller Terms

Our platform has the following options;

ü Paypal : This is for freelancers in PayPal profiled countries. Payment will be made to your PayPal account submitted to us once your transaction is verified

ü Bitcoin Payment: You need to paste your bitcoin wallet address only in your dashboard (Account section).

ü Bank Transfer: Add your bank account for you to get paid into your local bank account. Eligible countries for bank transfer are: Verified bank accounts of freelancers from all African Countries.

Pricing structure for sellers can be found under Seller Terms

Pricing structure for buyers can be found under Buyer Terms

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