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On Trosgate platform, we boast of more than 72 categories of services and unlimited products for global freelancers. 

(1) Digital Products: In the course of creating a proposal, a freelancer/seller can decide to upload digital products for sale and buyers will buy for instant download. some of these products include;

(a) books

(b) software

(c) scripts

(d) templates etc

(e) Pre-designed logo

(f) Pre-designed Album

(g) All other digital products not listed above

(2) Freelance Services: If digital product option is ignored in the proposal process, then the seller is likely to be selling services. we grouped them under parent categories below; 

(a) Digital Marketing Category: Here, freelancers provide digital services that will allow buyers to unlock the digital marketing strength for their business and make sales. It has subcategories below to pick from;

Parent GroupCategory 

Digital Marketing Category

1)      SEO

2)      Web Traffic

3)      Content Marketing

4)      Video Marketing

5)      Email Marketing

6)      Search & Display Marketing 

7)      Marketing Strategy

8)      Social Media Marketing

9)      Web Analytics

10)  Influencer Marketing

11)  Local Listings

12)  Domain Research

13)  E-Commerce Marketing

14) Mobile Advertising

15) Mobile Advertising

(b)  Writing & Translation Category: It is just okay to be different. If you are intelligent, it is okay for others to be dullards. This is where buyer is able to tap into the intelligence of others and see their dream come true. It has subcategories below to pick from;

Parent Group

Writing & Translation Category

1.      Resumes & Cover Letters

2.      Proofreading & Editing

3.      Translation

4.      Creative Writing

5.      Creative Writing

6.      Business Copywriting

7.      Research & Summaries

8.      Articles & Blog Posts

9.      Legal Writing

10.      Press Releases

11.      Transcription

12.      Thesis & Dissertation

(c)      Video Tutorial and Consultancy: This section entails live video chat session between buyer and seller on screen-share. Buyer and seller can text message each other without interrupting video session. It has the following subcategories

Parent Group

Video Tutorial and Consultancy

1) Editing & Post Production

2) Lyric & Music Videos

3) Legal Consulting

4) Financial Consulting

5) Presentations

6) Career Advice

7) Screen casting Videos

8) Online Lessons

9) Startup Counseling

10) Programming & Tech

11) Digital Marketing

(d) Programming & Tech Category: You might have heard of web developers and programmers in the tech world. These freelancers claim that it is not enough for buyer to accept his/her work in a way that is not pleasing. They can program it how you wanted it to be. Yes they can, and if you have interest here, then you can do it also under any of the following subcategories.;

Parent Group

Programming & Tech Category

1. WordPress

2. Web Programming

3. Website Builders & CMS

4. Ecommerce

5. Mobile Apps & Web

6. Desktop applications

8. Chat bots

9. Data Analysis & Reports

10. Convert Files

11. Databases

12. User Testing

13. Marketplace 

14. Support & IT

(e)      Business Category: Scaling a business is the pledge of Trosgate sellers. They are as good as your imagination. Whether you want to be an administrator from home or a researcher or a consultant, this is right for you;

Parent Group

Business Category

1. Virtual Assistant

2. Market Research

3. Business Plans

4. Branding Services

5. Legal Consulting

6. Financial Consulting

7. Business Tips

8. Presentations

9. Career Advice

10. Flyer Distribution

11. Protocol/Document Processing 

(f) Graphic and Design Category: Here, freelancers are able to dive into the atmosphere of themes and graphics. They can design and add beauty to anything. You are qualified to be there:

Parent Group
Category Category 

Graphic and Design Category

1.      Logo Design

2.      Book Design

3.      Illustration

4.      Flyer and Brochure

5.      T-Shirt Design

6.      Game Design

7.      Biz Card and Stationery

8.      Book and Album Design

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